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Canberra Translator and Interpreter Services

Translationz has many of the most recognised businesses and government departments clients of our translation services in Canberra.  The need for translators in Canberra is great.  Diplomats, visitors from overseas goverments, trade missions, courts and more.  As the nation's capital and the centre of the Federal Government, Canberra has a large number of diplomatic, government and business activities requiring effective communication across multiple languages. As a result, high quality translation and interpreting services are vital. We provide you with the peace of mind needed for important projects for government, legal, personal and business in Canberra. Call us today and see why we are the choice for language services for so many in the Australian Capital Territory..

Canberra Translation for Government and Businesses

Many government departments and businesses require a Canberra translator to do document translation or interpreting, as effective communication is an essential element of building trust in a business relationship. Confidentiality and secrecy is required by our clients.  Our Canberra translators at Translationz offer a professional translation service to help you achieve this, with the aim of maximising your international marketability and the global reach of your business.

Open to your specific security and confidentiality requirments

We hold our team to the highest of confidentiality standards.  Additionally our translators. project managers and leaders are willing to apply for the security clearance level for Defence department work.  We also routinely sign NDAs when the information is of particular sensitivity.

Canberra Translation for Individuals

Many individuals also require a Canberra translation service.  Whether you need a personal letter translated, a marriage certificate, birth certificate or any other document certified, our translators at Translationz Canberra can help you.  Click on the button on the upper right to receive a free quote.  Our Canberra translator service is extremely competitive and offers the option of a rapid turnaround time in urgent cases.


Canberra translator services are available in the CBD, all suburbs and in regional centres in ACT. For remote areas, we offer telephone translator services.  Click here for more information for a translator in Canberra.


Aceh (alt name Acehnese) Flemish Kiribati Portuguese Translator
Acholi French Translator Kirundi ( Rundi,Urund) Portuguese/Spanish
Afrikaans French/German Kisi, Southern (alt name Kissi), Liberia Pukapukan
Albanian French/Russian Kiswahili (See Swahili) Pulaar
Alyawarra (Interpreter Only) French/Spanish Konkani Punjabi Translator
Amharic Fulfulde (alt name Fulani) Korean Translator Pushto
Ancient Greek Fur Krio Rohingya
Anindilyakwa Fuzhou Kriol (Interpreter Only) Romanian Translator
Anmatyerr (alt name Anmatyerre) Gaelic Kukatja Russian Translator
Arabic Translator Gajerrong Kunwinjku Russian/Spanish
Armenian Ganda Kurdish (Kurmanji) Samoan
Armenian [Recognition] Garawa Kurdish (Kurmanji) Recognition Sanskrit
Assyrian Translator Gbe, Waci (alt name Wachi) Kurdish (Sorani) Serbian
Assyrian [Recognition] Geez Kurdish (Sorani) Recognition Shan
Auslan (Interpreter Only) Gen Kurdish, Southern (Feyli) Shanghainese
Azari Georgian Lao Shilluk
Azerbaijani German Translator Latin Sindhi
Bangla German/Italian Latvian Translator Sinhalese
Bari German/Spanish Lebanese (refer to Arabic) Slovak
Bassa (Liberian) Gikuyu ( Kikuyu) Liberian English Slovak [Recognition]
Bielorussian Greek Translator Lingala Slovene
Bosnian Gujarati Lithuanian Translator Somali
Bulgarian Translator Gumatj Liyagalawumirr Spanish Translator
Burarra (Interpreter Only) Gunwinkgu Luganda Sundanese
Burmese Translator Gupapuyngu Luritja Swahili ( Kiswahili)
Cantonese (Interpreter Only) Hakka (Interpreter Only) Macedonian Translator Swahili ( Kiswahili) [Recognition]
Catalan Hamun Ma'di Swatow
Cebuano Harari Malay Swedish Translator
Chaldean Hassaniyya Malaysian Translator Syriac
Chin Hazaragi (Interpreter Only) Maltese Taiwanese
Chin (Falam) Hazaragi [Recognition] Maltese [Recognition] Tamil
Chin (Haka) Hebrew Translator Mandarin (Interpreter Only) Tatar
Chin (Khumi) Hindi Mandingo Telugu
Chin (Mara) Hindustani Manjiljarra Teo Chiew
Chin (Mizo) (alt name Mizo) Hiri-Motu Marathi Tetum (Interpreter Only)
Chin (Tedim) Hmong Martu Wangka Thai Translator
Chin (Zotung) Hokkien Mauritian Themne (alt name Temne)
Chinese (Translator Only) Hungarian Translator Melanesian Pidgin English Tibetan
Chinese, Hakka [Recognition] Ibo Mende Tigre
Chinese, Min Nan Icelandic Meriam, Miriam-Mir Tigrinya
Chiu-Chownese Ilocano Mina Timorese Hakka
Cook Island Maori Ilonggo Miriuwung Tiwi
Croatian Indonesian Modern Tiwi (Interpreter Only) T'oishan
Czech Italian Translator Mon [Recognition] Tongan Translator
Danish Iwaidja Mongolian Torres Strait Island Creole
Dari Japanese Translator Motu Turkish Translator
Deaf Oral Jaru Multani Twi
Dinka Javanese Murrinh-Patha (Interpreter Only) Uighur, Uighurese (see Uyghur)
Dinka [Recognition] Jingpho (alt name Kachin) Nepali (Interpreter Only) Ukrainian Translator
Djambarrpuyngu (Interpreter Only) Kakwa Nepali [Recognition] Urdu
Djapu Kala Lagaw Ya New Zealand Sign Language Uyghur (alt name Uighur, Uighurese)
Dutch Translator Karen Ngaanyatjarra Uzbek
Dutch/German Karen (Recognition) Norwegian Translator Vietnamese Translator
Dyirbal Karen, Pwo Eastern Nuer Visayan
Eastern Aranda (Arrernte) Karen, S'gaw Nuer [Recognition] Walmajarri
Eastern Arrernte Kariyarra Nunggubuyu Wangkatha
Esperanto Kashmiri Nyangumarta Warlpiri (Interpreter Only)
Estonian Translator Kaytej Oromo Welsh Translator
Ethic Questions (Translator Only) Kaytetye Oromo [Recognition] Western Aranda (Arrernte)
Farsi Translator Kazakh Pali Western Arrernte (Interpreter Only)
Fiji Hindi (alt name Fijian Hindustani) Khmer Persian Wik-Mungkan (Interpreter Only)
Fijian Kija Pitjantjatjara (Interpreter Only) Wolof
Filipino Kinyarwanda ( Rwanda) Polish Translator Yankunytjatjara (Interpreter Only)
Zimbabwean Translator
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