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Should I translate my website?

As professional translation agency, we are often asked to perform website translation services.  Most of our clients have already asked themselves the question on whether they should actually translate the website.  By the time they call us, they answer is 'yes'. They understand that people prefer to read websites in their own language; even if they are bi-lingual.

However, it becomes more complex and discussions are required on the extent of the translation needed.  Many business websites contain hundreds of thousands of words.  Given that for a traditional human translation, most translation agencies charge based on the number of words; it can get very expensive to translate the whole site.  Therefore, we focus on what should be translated on their site.


Competitive Price

Translationz offers superior qulaity and service at very competitive prices. Quality can often come with a high price tag, but here at Translationz, we provide excellent quality for reasonable prices. Whether you need a document translated or the help of an interpreter give us a call and we will provide you with a competitive price. 

Certified Translator

Translationz provides the option of either certified translation of documents or non-certified translation of documents.  Our agency is committed to accurate translations in either situation. Certified documents are often required when dealing with Legal matters, Australian Government departments, foreign embassies or in some business affairs. Our highly trained and skilled translators and interpreters will provide carefully reviewed and accurate documents every time. 

Official Translation Certificiation

The certification system for interpreters and translators in Australia is run by a company owned jointly by the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. Certified translations and Level 3 interpreters are always required in courts of Law and can often be called for in medical situations, business affairs and translation of government related documents. Certified translations come stamped with an official mark recognised by the Australian government and Courts of Law. 

Call us to discuss your individual needs and if or when a certified translator may be required. Certified translation services are often more expense than non-certified translation services.

Our Beliefs

Translationz believes that effective communication breaks down boundaries and helps foster harmony. Our goal is to simplify and help remove the boundaries that restrict communication between people. 

We strive to preserve the meaning and context of each language within our translations. Our professional and skilled translators and interpreters understand that each language is unique. It takes careful, comprehensive, but not necessarily literal translation to achieve accuracy.  A good translation will often mean that the translation is not literal but one that accuratly conveys the meaning of the origional text. Certain highly technical or detailed documents may, however, require a 'literal translation'. Our skilled, prefessional translators and interpreters will deliver the industry specific translation you require. 

We strive to provide the best translation services we can and aim to build and maintain positive relationship with our clients.

Through the knowledge and foundation of our great team of translators and interpreters, we can gurantee a high quality solution to meet your translation needs.

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