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Every client is important to us. Our translation agency serves thousands of clients every year including several of Australia's top companies, various legal institutions, federal and state government departments, Hospitals, private patients, and individuals. No job is too big or too small. We are an Australian Pty Ltd company with both professional indemnity and public liability insurance. We have team members located across all Australian states. Our professional interpreters and translators are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin. Call or request a quote online today.  


We have qualified translators in many languages. Some of the more common languages we translate are French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Thai and Vietnamese. Click on our languages menu for a detailed selection of the more common languages we translate. Please contact us if you require a language not on the list, we are able to satisfy the vast majority of translation requests.

  • A good translator must ensure that meaning is conveyed accurately. Accuracy of meaning is an essential element for the delivery of high quality translation and interpreting services. It is also important that the context of the
  • Separate industries can use precise, specialised terminologies specific to their field. Translationz understands the importance of accurate field focused translations. Each of our professional translators and interpreters has industry specific training and experience meaning they are
  • Translationz provides the option of either certified translation of documents or non-certified translation of documents.  Our agency is committed to accurate translations in either situation. Certified documents are often required when dealing with Legal matters, Australian
  • Translationz offers superior qulaity and service at very competitive prices. Quality can often come with a high price tag, but here at Translationz, we provide excellent quality for reasonable prices. Whether you need a document translated
  • Marketing material translation must be true to brand and message. Our specialist marketing translators have the ability to reflect the desired message without performing the literal translation that has brought down so many marketing campaigns. Foreign
  • Extraordinary service is what sets Translationz apart from other translation agencies. Translationz possesses highly motivated, intelligent translators and interpreters who deliver professional and accurate translations to our valued clients. Translationz has provided exceptional, accurate and reliable
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Industry Specialisations

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Pharmacy Translation Service

PharmacyTranslationz has many experience in pharmaceutical industry. Nowadays, the need for pharmaceutical services increase, therefore the need for its translation also increases. We have provided language solutions for companies, hospitals, and individuals over the years now for their pharmaceutical translation needs.

Our pharmaceutical translation services include: patents, genetics, dental technology, medical equipment, diagnostics, clinical trials, prosthetics, toxicity assessments, labelling, packaging, and marketing communications.

Our translators specialise in linguistic, pharmacy, and other scientific knowledge. We understand that pharmaceutical is a sensitive sector that needs to have a meticulous, highly accurate translation.

Call or request a quote today to get our pharmaceutical translation services.

Our pharmaceutical translation services support most languages.  See below for a list of languages:


Aceh (alt name Acehnese) Eastern Aranda (Arrernte) Japanese Nepali (Interpreter Only)
Acholi Eastern Arrernte Jaru Nepali [Recognition]
Afrikaans Esperanto Javanese New Zealand Sign Language
Albanian Estonian Jingpho (alt name Kachin) Ngaanyatjarra
Alyawarra (Interpreter Only) Ethic Questions (Translator Only) Kakwa Norwegian
Amharic Ewe Kala Lagaw Ya Nuer
Ancient Greek Fiji Hindi (alt name Fijian Hindustani) Karen Nuer [Recognition]
Anindilyakwa Fijian Karen (Recognition) Nunggubuyu
Anmatyerr (alt name Anmatyerre) Filipino Karen, Pwo Eastern Nyangumarta
Arabic Finnish Karen, S'gaw Oromo
Armenian Flemish Kariyarra Oromo [Recognition]
Armenian [Recognition] French Kashmiri Pali
Assyrian French/German Kaytej Persian
Assyrian [Recognition] French/Russian Kaytetye Pitjantjatjara (Interpreter Only)
Auslan (Interpreter Only) French/Spanish Kazakh Polish
Azari Fulfulde (alt name Fulani) Khmer Portuguese
Azerbaijani Fur Kija Portuguese/Spanish
Bangla Fuzhou Kinyarwanda ( Rwanda) Pukapukan
Bari Gaelic Kiribati Pulaar
Bassa (Liberian) Gajerrong Kirundi ( Rundi,Urund) Punjabi
Bielorussian Ganda Kisi, Southern (alt name Kissi), Liberia Pushto
Bosnian Garawa Kiswahili (See Swahili) Rohingya
Bulgarian Gbe, Waci (alt name Wachi) Konkani Romanian
Burarra (Interpreter Only) Geez Korean Russian
Burmese Gen Krio Russian/Spanish
Cantonese (Interpreter Only) Georgian Kriol (Interpreter Only) Samoan
Catalan German Kukatja Sanskrit
Cebuano German/Italian Kunwinjku Serbian
Chaldean German/Spanish Kurdish (Kurmanji) Shan
Chin Gikuyu ( Kikuyu) Kurdish (Kurmanji) Recognition Shanghainese
Chin (Falam) Greek Kurdish (Sorani) Shilluk
Chin (Haka) Gujarati Kurdish (Sorani) Recognition Sindhi
Chin (Khumi) Gumatj Kurdish, Southern (Feyli) Sinhalese
Chin (Mara) Gunwinkgu Lao Slovak
Chin (Mizo) (alt name Mizo) Gupapuyngu Latin Slovak [Recognition]
Chin (Tedim) Hakka (Interpreter Only) Latvian Slovene
Chin (Zotung) Hamun Lebanese (refer to Arabic) Somali
Chinese (Translator Only) Harari Liberian English Spanish
Chinese, Hakka [Recognition] Hassaniyya Lingala Sundanese
Chinese, Min Nan Hazaragi (Interpreter Only) Lithuanian Swahili ( Kiswahili)
Chiu-Chownese Hazaragi [Recognition] Liyagalawumirr Swahili ( Kiswahili) [Recognition]
Cook Island Maori Hebrew Luganda Swatow
Croatian Hindi Luritja Swedish
Czech Hindustani Macedonian Syriac
Danish Hiri-Motu Ma'di Taiwanese
Dari Hmong Malay Tamil
Deaf Oral Hokkien Malayalam Tatar
Dinka Hungarian Maltese Telugu
Dinka [Recognition] Ibo Maltese [Recognition] Teo Chiew
Djambarrpuyngu (Interpreter Only) Icelandic Mandarin (Interpreter Only) Tetum (Interpreter Only)
Djapu Ilocano Mandingo Thai
Dutch Ilonggo Manjiljarra Themne (alt name Temne)
Dutch/German Indonesian Marathi Tibetan
Dyirbal Italian Martu Wangka Tigre
Iwaidja Mauritian Tigrinya
Melanesian Pidgin English Timorese Hakka
Mende Tiwi
Meriam, Miriam-Mir T'oishan
Mina Tongan
Miriuwung Torres Strait Island Creole
Modern Tiwi (Interpreter Only) Turkish
Mon [Recognition] Twi
Mongolian Uighur, Uighurese (see Uyghur)
Motu Ukrainian
Multani Urdu
Murrinh-Patha (Interpreter Only) Uyghur (alt name Uighur, Uighurese)
Warlpiri (Interpreter Only)
Western Aranda (Arrernte)
Western Arrernte (Interpreter Only)
Wik-Mungkan (Interpreter Only)
Yankunytjatjara (Interpreter Only)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation completed by a NAATI certified translator. The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is the only agency in Australia to issue accreditations for interpreters and translators. Certified documents will come complete with an officially recognised stamp bearing the details of the translators accreditation with NAATI. Certified translations are required in Australian courts, when dealing with government departments and in many other situations.

How much does a translation cost?

  • Standard Certificates cost around $77 inc GST
  • Driver's Licences cost around $66 inc GST
  • For larger documents, we usually charge $0.20 - $0.31 cents per word inc GST; depending on the language and technicality of the document and if you would need the document to be certified or noncertified.
  • For an exact quote we will need to see the documents. Please email your documents to us so they can be assessed by one of our professional team members.

How do I start the process of translating my document?

You may email the documents to us via our website or call to talk with one of our friendly team members. We will email you a quote for the cost of the translation once the document has been received and assessed. If you decide to proceed with the translation you can follow the easy payment instructions listed on the quote and we will begin to have the documents translated.

How long does it take to translate my document?

  • Completion depends on the length of the document. Our average delivery times are as follows:
  • Certificates and Driver's licence: within 1- 2 business day
  • We can translate between 3,000 & 4,000 words per day depending on level of technicality.
  • If you need a translation to be done URGENTLY, please inform us ahead of time.

How do I pay?

  • If you have received a quote it will list out the various methods of payment we accept.
  • These include Direct Deposit or bank transfer, Credit Card (Visa, American Express, and MasterCard), PayPal and Cheque.

How do I send you the document?

  • We prefer all documents to be sent to us electronically. You can scan and upload the document to your computer or take a clear photo of the document (with a smart phone) and email it to us. Our email address is
  • Once the translation has been completed, we will send you an electronic copy back to your email address and a stamped hard copy via regular mail. If you require the translation urgently it is possible to have the item Express posted.